An abstract idea, something conceived in the mind, a simple thought.

Concept Cars & Lifestyle is all about turning an abstract notion in your mind into reality. To be able to Dream within yourself and turn that Dream into reality.

Concept of building cars to fit our lifestyle.


Partnership. Passion. Perspective.

As car enthusiasts, we all have the same goal -“ to leave a mark in the car scene and pave the way to the future generations of enthusiasts. With that being said, the only way to achieve that goal is to broaden our reach by collaborating with fellow enthusiasts in creating an atmosphere that impacts the well being of every enthusiasts by not only enjoying the things that we are passionate about, but also by giving back to the community that we live in.

We have partnered with these awesome auto groups and businesses in the Bay Area, CA. 



Surround yourself with people that shares the same passion.


His passion for cars and art has led him to developing Concept. The idea of fusing the Car culture into a piece of Art is what fuels RC with the development of designs Concept Cars & Lifestyle offers. @rcoconnor

RC OConnor

Founder, Photographer 

A BMW enthusiast, his passion for cars and individuality brought him to Concept. The idea to infuse the Import culture together with different builds is what fuels the fire within him to showcase the builds from different styles and bring the Car community together. @andreialta

Andrei Altamirano

Co-Founder, Photographer

Technology and cars has always been Paulo’s passion. He joined the team last year and it has been an enjoyment for him as he took the lead in designing Concept’™s website with the idea of creating a design that resonates the company’s ideas and values. @bmwrx_paulo

Paulo Panlilio

Lead Web Designer

Aaron's interest in originality and the idea of building a car to one's own taste is what led him to Concept. Currently pursuing a degree in economics, he saw Concept as a way to combine his passions: Cars and Business. @ayeeitsaaron

Aaron Lugtu


We create and design lifestyle apparels that jive in with the car culture.